Turks & Caicos Islands Tourist Board Statistics Tourism Statistics- 2011
April 12, 2012

Since the destination has begun keeping records of visitor arrivals from the 1980’s, the Turks and Caicos have reached a pinnacle in the growth of the nation’s top industry. Visitor Arrivals to the Turks & Caicos Is-lands in 2011 showed an increase of 12.3% where the vast majority were contributed by the Cruise Arrivals. The month of December saw a growth of 23% in stay-over visitor arrivals. The overall total arrivals for the past year was 1, 009,720 arrivals. This draws on both cruise arrivals and land base arrivals to the country. When broken down separately, cruise arrivals accounted for 655,497 a 6% increase in numbers and land base arrivals accounted for some 354, 223 a 26% increase in the numbers totaling in the aforementioned surpassed 1 million mark.

Land-Base Arrivals (Stay-Over Visitors)

The Arrivals for stay over visitors saw an increase of 26% totaling 354,223 when compared to the numbers of last year arrivals of 281,1559.

The destination continues to draw on its major source market, the United States with Canada in second place. The United States continues its dominance in arrivals to the destination due in part to major airlift to the destination that increased in 2011, namely JetBlue from New York and Continental from New Jersey. The Tourist Board expects the Canadian market to grow even more in 2012 with the addition of the new in season direct flight from the eastern Canadian city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Arrivals for the USA 2011 were 262,142, Canada- 42,282, Europe-6,902, Caribbean-39,913 and the remaining countries total 2,839 in arrivals. Overall arrivals from the USA showed an increase by 34%, Canada increased by 13% while arrivals from Europe had a declined this year by -9%.

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